2007 Porsche GT3 For Sale

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997.1 GT3 Custom (storyline from magazine below) Car has about 70k miles, Fresh engine and parts completed at 60k.

Stock configuration was a 3.6 rated at 415hp by Porsche with a manual gear box.

First, we rebuilt the motor into a 3.8 using Mahle Motorsports piston and cylinder set. Added long tube headers, a larger intake from the 997.2 GT3 which feeds a 3.8 and proper tune. This added about 45 hp according to the dyno which puts the engine at 460 hp but also greatly improved the bottom end power and torque. 

Next, we improved the gear box by adding a shorter ring and pinion from a Porsche cup car, and re-geared the trans with shorter gears. Also added a custom clutch pack limited slip differential.

Brakes- Carbon ceramic calipers with lightweight steel rotors and endurance racing brake pads

Coolant fittings are probably the big weak spot on these cars so we had custom threaded billet fittings made not just a standard pin.

All radiators were also replaced with aluminum CSF radiators. The plastic housings of the factory radiators tend to crack over time. 

The shifter cables were upgraded to Numeric Racing cables that use metal joints instead of plastic.

Installed the factory RS 4.0 clutch as the stock clutch is known to slip over time. 

We added complete ERP mono ball suspension, and drop links courtesy of Tarett. So this car is fully ready for the track should one desire.

Complete Ohlin GT3 adjustable shocks and springs kit

Jess Lattin, my partner at Reno Rennsport built the motor and did most other mechanical work.  My father, Mat Lowrance built the gear box.

Added a duck tail and classic Fuchs wheels. Otto Fuchs and Fuchsfelge were kind enough to send a set of their Fuchs to their US distributor All Star Wheel for use on this project. 

The 997.1 requires the duck tail version from Porsches very limited Sport Classic 911.