Expert Service

Reno Rennsport uses the latest hi-tech tools to offer dealer-level engine diagnostics.

Engine Fuel Systems, Emissions, Mechanical Repair & Performance

We have full factory level engine diagnostic scanning software. We specialize in routine maintenance, to full race engine building for both Porsche track and road cars.

Brake Systems
We use and install OEM brake parts (Brembo, Zimmerman, etc) as well as install brake upgrades like Wilwood and Sparta performance brake packages.
Axle & Driveline Service

We are experts at diagnosing and servicing Porsche AWD systems 


Reno Rennsport is qualified to stamp your factory recommended service interval books. Not many people know it, but you are not required to have your car serviced at the dealer to keep it covered under the factory warranty. IE: “Keep your car covered under the factory warranty with regular services performed at a shop that specializes in your particular Porsche”

Electrical Circuits, Switches, & Electronics
Reno Rennsport is THE Northern Nevada expert at diagnosing and repairing the ultra complicated electrical systems that the modern generation of road cars use. From engine management issues, to emission control faults, to simple ride height problems, today’s cars use modules, sensors and an electrical loom comparable to an AT&T switching room to control even the most simple functions. Make sure you trust your car to someone who has the tools and knowledge to diagnose it, and fix it right the first time.
Wheels & Tires
We are not only a certified Tire Rack reseller, but we have the expertise and specialized mounting and balancing machines that some of the high performance tire and wheel packages require. We exclusively use a Hunter 3500 tire mounting machine for both race and road tire mounting – the high performance industry standard when it comes to tire machines.
Transmission & Clutch

We perform major and minor services on all of the Porsche AWD and two wheel drive drivetrains. We’re experts with automatics (including the Porsche PDK) transmissions, as well as rebuilding standard road and road-racing manual transmissions. Depending on your driving demands and personal preference, there are a lot more options when it comes to clutch and flywheel combos than there used to be.

Air Conditioning & Heater Service

We work on all Porsche climate control systems, as well as being a fully certified A/C shop. Too cold when it’s cold, or too hot when it’s hot outside? Stop by, or make an appointment and we’ll make it right.

Race Car Preparation and High Performance Tuning

We use and install OEM brake parts (Brembo, Zimmerman, etc) as well as install brake upgrades like Wilwood and Sparta performance brake packages.Our name is Rennsport – That’s German for racing – so it goes without saying…. We are the most trusted Porsche race prep shop in Northern Nevada. In fact, about half of our Porsche race customers bring their cars to us from the bay area, and even as far away as Southern California. We’re one of the most respected race-prep and fabrication shops on the West Coast.

We offer: Full car fabrication, engine and transmission building, roll cage fabrication, suspension set up for full race or street/track use, four wheel allignment, corner weighting, race tire mounting and balancing, etc, etc. We’re a FULL SERVICE race shop.

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